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1-abc.net File Configurator 6.0

1-abc.net File Configurator allows you to change the attributes of files
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The 1-abc.net File Configurator 1.0 is a software utility program tool for Windows XP and Vista operating systems that enables those users to edit file attributes that can’t normally be changed.
This utility’s user friendly interface allows users to define file dates and times down to seconds for any file added to the list, including files in sub folders. With the batch mode feature of 1-abc.net File Configurator 1.0, users can also change the file attributes of read only files, hidden files, archive files and even system files. The utility changes all dates and attributes automatically once the users date has been entered.

This program features a wizard-style window to guide users through the settings that are on offer. It also features reading from and writing to external devices such as memory SD cards, external hard drives and USB sticks. In fact, this program can be installed on these devices. Files can be configured in three easy steps. The program has a very low CPU usage and is only 365KB. The 1-abc.net File Configurator 1.0 is a shareware utility and downloads very quickly. There is a multilingual version available too which includes the English, German and Hungarian languages benefiting making the program more widely available.

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  • Not available for Mac O.S
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